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Can anyone wear color contacts?

Yes, almost all healthy persons (Up to 95% of the population) can wear contact lenses. It is of course of great importance to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and from your eye doctor/clinic. We recommend that you visit a doctor at least once a year to check up on your eye status to make sure everything is OK.

The possibility to change the color of your eyes can be a fantastic experience, and give extra confidence in those special moments.

However, color contacts are almost always worn for cosmetical reasons and it should therefore be understood that no risks be taken where the health of your eyes is in danger, just for the benefit of having a different look.


  • Do not borrow contacts from friends since that could mean that bacteria and other diseases can be transferred to you.
  • Never wear the contacts longer than what they are made for. Wearing worn out contacts can cause scars and infections to your eyes.
  • Clean and store the contacts according to the instructions from the manufaturer and your eye doctor.
  • Do not use contacts when you are sick (Having a cold, fever, etc.)
  • Do not sleep with your contacts in, unless they are specially made for this.
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